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Wind and water resistant Nylon Turnout Dog Coats made by Foggy Mountain will keep your dog warm in the most severe winter weather. Outer layer of nylon lined with thick faux sherpa fleece and sandwiched between the nylon and sherpa is a layer of rolled poly-fil making the coats 3 layers thick. Constructed of the finest materials and workmanship.

Foggy Mountain Dog Coats proudly made in Maryland for 28 years.

Unique criss-cross belly strap design keeps the coat from shifting while dogs romp and play. Measure your standing dog from base of neck (where the shoulder blades start) to the base of tail without letting your dog drop his rear down while you measure.

Size=Back Length of Coat-If you have a thin/short legged or petite dog please see the Dachshund cut coats=smaller neck openings and girth

  • Water and wind resistant 420 nylon denier outer shell
  • Inner layer of poly-fil, lined with a soft faux sheepskin fleece
  • Adjustable neck with hook & loop (like velcro) and adjustable clasp
  • Contouring around the haunches for warmth and fit
  • Criss-Cross adjustable belly straps
  • Lead clip D-ring on all coats size 16.5" and under
  • Breed specific coats available under "Breed Coats"-Dachshund, French Bulldog, English Bulldog, Basset and Great Dane
  • Sizes available 10.5" - 30.5" Back Length-Limited colors in sizes 26, 28 and 30
  • Machine or hand wash cold, drip dry-No heat
  • Made in the USA
  • Measuring video below-Starts with how NOT to measure so please watch all the way through
I purchased two of your coats when I attended the National Agility Championships in 2014. My heart dog, Dewey, whom I bought them for has since passed away, and now they are proudly worn by my Bindi. These jackets have been on many adventures and have stood up to all weather conditions. I'm sort of a dog jacket nerd and have purchased dozens and dozens of coats for my dogs over the years. Yours are the best quality, by far, of any I have. Thank you for making such a quality product, and mostly, for keeping my dogs warm and dry.
With Jens help, I bought my first Foggy Mountain Coat for my West Highland White Terrier. When it came, I did actually just take it out of the bag and put it on her. It didn't even need to be adjusted. My dog Ainslie loves it, and so do I. This coat is made really, really well. I'm so glad I got one. My dog deserves it!:) I can easily recommend this coat. Thank you!
I purchased a nylon turnout coat a few months ago in preparation for the winter months. My 10 month old puppy had already chewed the front strap all the way through. There is still a strip of velcro where the front of the coat closes, but I wish it was a more aggressive velcro. Because the front strap is no longer there, the front of the coat peels open constantly and my dog wiggles his way out of the rest of the coat
Hi Mathieu, I'm sorry that happened! Foggy Mountain will fix the buckle for free. Contact me how to send the coat to them for fixing
Best dog coats ever, I wouldn't use anything else. I've had 4 Shelties over the years and have used these coats for 20 years. Found the first one at a local Tack Shop. I now have 3 turnout coats and 2 raincoats (no longer available) all in different sizes. Fashioned like horse blankets, with cris-crossed straps under the body and darted fitted back-end, they stay put. Highest quality - even the 1st one I bought still looks great. Well worth the price. And yes, even Shelties with all that hair like being warm in the cold winter.
I got my Rufus when he was 3 years old. He is a large red ticked coonhound that was transplanted from TN to MI and our cold winters were definitely not to his liking. I tried several coats for him but all of them ended up coming loose and falling off or just not keeping him warm. I found Foggy Mountain's turnout coat. It always kept him warm and dry. Rufus passed on about a year ago, but I still have his coat. It's still in great shape and I am trying to find someone with a large dog who could use it. I recommend the coats to just about anyone with a dog.
Love this Turnout Coat. Looks great, keeps pup warm, tough in the woods.
Very happy with this purchase. Jen- you are so easy to work with!
We have 3 small dogs that just love to go to our farm regardless of the weather. These turnout coats are perfect! Easy to hook a leash to the back of the coat. The cross straps keep the coat in place and allow for adjustment. The pups stay dry even in the snow. My older dog has had his coat for several years and it still looks brand new.
We purchased several of your Nylon turnout for our show dogs and are so pleased with the quality and craftsmanship. We refer you to all our puppy owners and feel your company stands behind your products, just like we stand behind our dogs. www.RiverRidgeRatTerriers.com
Undeniable coats for Undeniable dogs! A truefit!
To Jen or whomever this may concern,
I ordered this coat putting my full faith in you guys. I have a toy fox terrier who has a passion for hiking, seriously there is not another dog out there that not only enjoys it this much, but dreams about it when he/she isn't doing it:) If you know anything about toy fox terriers, you know just how big of an ego there is inside that tiny little body. Roxy has such a hard time keeping warm in the winter and we have tried just about every coat there is, nothing seems to keep her warm or actually fit her to keep her warmth in. When I put the true fit coat on her, it was magic! She instantly did a lap around the living room. I won't have to leave Roxy behind on those cold days, 1. Because it is just too hard and 2. Because of her new true fit coat! Thank you for changing that for us! Roxy is such a happier dog:)
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