Dachshund Snuggler Fleece Dog Jacket

Dachshund Snug 13.5 Derby Plaid
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Foggy Mountain Dachshund Snugglers are cut smaller in the neck and in the width/girth for short legged dogs. Its simple and functional design makes the snuggler quick and easy to put on and remove.

Plush fleece outer layer with a soft fleece lining keeps your dog cozy and warm. Contouring on the rear haunches keep the cold out and the heat in.

Designed with adjustable neck openings and adjustable belly flaps with hook and loop (like velcro). Smaller neck/girth for the petite bodied dog.

Harness holes available-they are put where you need them (all harnesses are different) and make the coat custom and not returnable.

Let us know in the comment box on your order how far back from base of neck you would like the hole.

This style also works well for Shih-Tzu and other short legged and/or rectangular bodied dogs and thin dogs.

Available in sizes 10.5-18.5" back lengths. Back length=size Machine wash/drip dry Made in the USA

Size=back length of your dog. Have your dog standing straight and square and start to measure where you feel the shoulder blades start to where the tail meets the body.

Measuring video below-Starts with how NOT to measure so please watch all the way through

We moved from Southern California to Western Maryland in October a couple of years ago. We had a 20-year-old extra-mini dachshund (10 lbs), a mini dachshund, and a long-haired standard dachshund. Within a couple weeks, the temperature got down to a high of 42F, and a low of 28F. (I think the coldest ever in my twenty years in California was about 40F.) They looked miserable, especially the older one. We knew we had to buy coats for them. We looked and looked, but all of the coats online seemed to have a very narrow strip on the underbelly, which seemed like it would be cold, especially since that area has the least fur. The Foggy Mountain coats had a wide portion of heavy material going under them. We decided to try these even though they are quite expensive. When buying four coats (we also have a non-dachshund), it adds up!

The coats mostly fit perfectly--they would have all been perfect, except the oldest had an extreme back curvature, so it's nothing Foggy Mountain could account for. The mini and the standard fit perfectly, even though they are built differently. The coats are nice and short on the sides, going exactly to the tops of their little legs and just the right length to cover their butts and seaming to hug them there. The way it goes on their neck makes it easy to put on, even when they're dancing around at the door. For the little one, I did a dart on each side about halfway so that it stayed close to her back. That worked fine.

After two years, they are still in perfect shape, just covered in fur. It imbeds itself into the heavy material, and doesn't come out, but it's really not an issue. After this length of time, fuzz and fur had gotten attached to the velcro, but after cleaning it (look how on the internet), they're as good as new.

I would recommend these coats to everyone! They're so well-made, I won't have to buy another until we rescue another dog.
The first coat I ordered for my 16 year old Jack Russell Dottie was too big. I could tell it was too big immediately upon opening the package and after the second wear one of Dottie’s front legs somehow went through the head opening and I knew I’d have to get a smaller size. Their paperwork says upfront if the coat is worn it can’t be returned. They’re a small company and it was my error in ordering the wrong size and not trying to hold it up to her to check the sizing before putting it on, as their paperwork suggests. The quality of the coat was exceptional and I knew I wanted to order another appropriately sized coat. I emailed and Jen promptly replied, suggested I send pictures, and was extremely helpful in assisting me to find the appropriate size and even gave me a discount on the second order. Lesson learned that I should have followed their directions after receiving the coat and attempted to see if it was going to be a good fit before putting it on Dottie. As I said, they’re a small company and can’t process returns like a huge company such as Chewy. Their products’ exceptional quality and outstanding customer service more than make up for that. My tremendous thanks to Jen and to Truefit!
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