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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

FAQ's/Policies-New Phone number: 301-799-1477

You've got questions?  We've got answers!
Q. Why are your sizes 1/2" longer than the size I see on the neck tag of other Foggy Mountain Coats?
A.  The coats are exactly the same.  The size is the back length of the coat. 
When we measure the Foggy Mountain Coats topline they actually measure about 1/2" longer than the size tag inside the neck states.   Since it is all about measuring I included the extra 1/2" into the size for your convenience.
Contacting Us
Q.  How do I contact Truefit?
A.  The best way to reach us is via e-mail at
[email protected]. or call us at (301)-799-1477

Q. I received my dogs coat and I need a different size.
A. If the coat has an adjustable neck you can adjust the back length slightly by adjusting the neck opening.  If you need to make an exchange for size see "Returns".
Q. Will the straps interfere with potty time?
A. Please always to be sure to criss-cross the belly straps-the boys will not move if the straps aren't criss-crossed.  Most dogs won't have a problem with the location of the straps or belly flaps and can potty freely.  There is not a strap that crosses the fanny-what you see in the photos is binding sewn over the contour darts on the rear and is not a strap.
Q. How do I find my dogs correct size?
A. To get a correct back measurement you must have your dog standing straight (without letting his fanny drop down) while you measure. Measuring your dog while he is sitting, laying down or being held will result in a coat that is too big. 
This is the #1 most important step. 
If your dog has trouble with lowering his fanny while you try to measure what I would suggest for the small dogs is a roll of paper towels (or something of proper size for your dog) right in front of his back legs to help prop his fanny up or with larger dogs a second person to apply pressure upward right in front of his back legs. 
Q. Where is the base of neck?
A.  Another tricky point could be finding the base of neck to start the back measurement.  The base of your dogs neck can be found where the shoulder blades start at the base of the dogs neck.  You can run your finger down the back of his neck and feel where the shoulder blades start.  The coat will fit on the flat part of your dogs back.  Looking at where the coat starts in a picture on the site should help you find the proper place to start and stop your measurement. 
Q.  What if my dog is between sizes?
A.  If your dog is between sizes you will need to "round up" or "round down". If your dog has an "high set uppy type" tail you will probably need to round down so the coat does not push on his tail. (unless he is a "bulky" or "chunky" dog) 
If your dog has a slender build and a small neck you may want to "round down".
95% of our exchanges are for a smaller size.
Harness Holes/D-rings
Q. Does Foggy Mountain coats have "harness holes"?
A. Foggy Mountain puts lead clip
D-rings on the top of Turnouts size 16.5" and smaller.  The criss-cross belly straps must be criss-crossed.  Please use your best judgement whether your dog should use the lead clip D-ring.
Foggy Mountain does not put harness holes on their snugglers.  You can make a slit and hand stitch around it or have your local dry cleaners/tailor put a buttonhole exactly where you need it.
Custom Coats
Q.  Can I get a "custom coat" for my dog?
A. Foggy Mountain does not offer "custom" coats for size or color.  All stock is made and ready for shipping.
Q.  How long does it take for my order to arrive?
A.  We try to have all coats/sizes in stock.  We ship USPS Priority Mail (3 day) within 48 hours from Keedysville, MD.
If we have a question about your order we will contact you via e-mail and/or phone message.  Please check your spam folder for an email from us if you don't receive your coat within 5 business days.
Q. What are your shipping rates?
A. The rate is 4.99 per order.  Customer is responsible for return shipping of returns/exchanges. If a second coat is shipped a charge of 4.99 will apply. 
Q. Can order be shipped out of the country?
A. Not at this time-We are only able to ship inside the USA
Q. How is sales tax calculated on orders?
A.  Sales tax will not be charged on orders outside MD. 
From time to time, we know that our customers may need to return one of our products.  You may contact us to resolve any questions you have about an item. 
For sizing help please have the base of neck, back length and "drop" measurement ready when you call. 
The drop measurement is taken while your dog is standing straight and measuring from the spine (topline) continuing down towards the floor to point on the back of the front elbow.
Q. What is your customer satisfaction guarantee?
A. At Truefit, our ultimate goal is 100% customer satisfaction.  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the unused, unworn, clean and hair free item in original condition within 30 days and Truefit will arrange for a prompt full refund/credit (minus shipping).  Just follow the return instructions under the return policy.
Q. What is your return policy?
A. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we do our best to help you through the return process.
**For health reasons all items to be returned must be in new and unused, clean and hair free condition.  Simply return the unused item within 14 days from the date of delivery.  We will inspect it and issue a refund for the price of the item (minus shipping). 
If the item comes back to us in a used/dirty or damaged condition, we will not be able to issue a refund or be responsible for the return of the product back to you. 
To insure that your package arrives to us safely, please inspect and fold the item before shipping and include your invoice inside the box/bag and tell us what you would like-credit or a different size.  If you request a larger size and the price is more your card will be changed for the upsize.
Credit will be issued within 48 hours.  Some banks put a hold on your refund and you will not see it post to your account for several days-or a week.  Unfortunately we can't control banks policies.  (although we wish we could!)
Please ship returns/exchanges to us at:
Truefit Dog Coats
15 Dogstreet Road
Keedysville MD  21756

Q. What if my dog damages an item?
A.  We cannot be responsible for damage resulting from chewing.  Our products are among the highest quality available for pets.  Even so, sharp teeth and lots of energy can put even the toughest pet products to the test.  While shopping with us please take into consideration whether your dog or puppy is an aggressive chewer.  Even little dogs have surprisingly
powerful jaws.  Please don't leave your dog unattended while wearing a coat-buckles may get caught in a crate or fence.
Q. How will Truefit use my personal information?
A. We won't!  Truefit values your privacy and we are committed to protecting it.  We absolutely will not sell your name, e-mail address, or mailing address to any third party.  Your credit card information is always kept strictly confidential.

Wholesale inquiries

A. Please submit any wholesale inquiries to [email protected] or email [email protected]