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Foggy Mountain Snugglers are an excellent choice for mild to cold climates.  The adjustable belly flap makes getting out the door simple and fast.   Size=Back Length of Coat
Find coats for Dachshunds, Bassets, English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs under "Breed Coats" 
  • Plush fleece outer layer with a soft lining
  • Adjustable belly flap secured with hook and loop 
  • Sewn shut necks-just slip over the head
  • Contoured around the haunches for best fit 
  • Machine or hand wash cold/drip dry
  • Size 26 and 28 in Blackwatch and Chrome only and feature criss cross belly straps, adjustable necks
  • See Dachshund coats for short legged and/or narrow bodied breeds
  • Made in the USA
  • Scroll down sizes, colors, prices and reviews
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Price: $40.95

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Customer feedback

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Luther
    Holy Cow! I was led to your site by my daughter who, like myself, has a Boston Terrier. I have been looking for a coat for my dog for quite awhile and had tried several from stores but to no avail. Either the coat did not fit properly, my dog hated it, or it made her resemble a bronking bull as she would jump and twist and hop around in an effort to get the offending cover off. And then I got a Foggy Mountain coat. First off I had barely placed the order and it was already sitting in my mailbox. Quality material and workmanship. I ordered the snuggler which is super easy to put on and take off. Over the head, wrap the strap around the body and out the door you go. The coat fits perfectly and the first time I put it on my Boston Terrier she was like, OK, this is what you should have gotten me the first time! What a great experience. After seeing the quality I'm definitely getting a raincoat. There is nothing better out there, period. Thank you
  • Author: Julie Stayer
    Good afternoon! I purchased a snuggler coat for my pit bull last year and I was truly amazed at the customer service and the quality of the jacket. It is holding up nicely!!!! I have recommended your site to others as we have a large pit bull rescue group. Thank you for carrying such a great product.
  • Author: Dee Zielinski
    Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the 2 Snuggler Coats I bought for my dogs. I followed your directions on how to measure and the coats fit perfectly! I was so impressed at how quickly the coats arrived. I placed my order on a Thursday morning and had the coats on Saturday.
    Thanks for the great service and the wonderful coats. I'll be saving my money to purchast the Nylon Turnout Coats next and will be measuring my parents GSD for a coat next month when I go to visit.
  • Author: Ginny Doris
    You all were a life saver for our dogs. Florida dogs-even those with hair-are not used to freezing weather, especially for over a week so your prompt response to our needs was greatly appreciated.
  • Author: cindy bell
    Merry Christmas Spike!!
  • Author: Jeanne from Boston
    I ordered a snuggler and a turnout for my Parsons Jack Russell. Both coats are wonderful, but I had a size issue with the neck area on the turnout.....customer service took care of this with care and speed. I work in retail and have suggested Foggy Mountain to so many customers. My daughter has a weaton and should also be ordering a coat any day now. Anyone who buys one will love their dog in these coats.....the snuggler is the smartest choice for most'll love it!!
  • Author: Kimber
    I can't believe this coat isn't rated with 5 stars. I bought two last year and they are the BEST dog coats I have ever seen - especially at this great price.
  • Author: Tom from New York
    I purchased two "Snuggler" coats in the past two years. They are the perfect fit for my Westie. I own many other (high end) brands of coats and sweaters; but none fit as well as the "Snuggler". The best part is the easy on easy off Velcro strap which keeps the fit snug. I highly recommend this coat. Definitely 5 stars! P.S. Customer service was very pleasant and a tremendous help with sizing.
  • Author: Deborah from NC
    I just purchased a Snuggler for my Boston Terrier and I agree it should have 5 stars! The name fits because it is very snuggly and warm. It is easy to put on and very well made. Blows away the coats found at pet stores. I also know it to be very durable because my last Boston Terrier also wore them and I washed them over and over. Fast, friendly service too!
  • Author: Nancy Reed
    These definitely are the BEST. I have the turnouts and one Snuggler for my Norfolks and am ordering another Snuggler.
  • Author: Paige Ervin
    I own two Foggy Mountain Dog coats, a snuggler and a nylon turn out. Both are 15+ years old and still look like new. Always geting complements on them! Just got another dog and shopping for new coats now. Of course they will be Foggy Mountain coats!
  • Author: Sara
    Just ordered my second Snuggler for our new Wheaten. He has been borrowing his sister's and we decided its time for him to get his own. They are the cute, easy, and well made. They stand up to MANY washes and even come out well from the dryer. Love them.
  • Author: Barbara
    As a corgi mom I absolutely love these coats. It's nice to find something that is long enough without being too deep on the legs!!!
  • Author: Betsy
    After seeing two dogs wearing your coats while sitting in their owners car outside a gas station - the dogs looked very happy - I found the owner and asked her where she purchased the coats. I immediately went to the store and picked up a nylon turnout. Unfornately, it was too big, but I went back that day with my dog in hand - minature poodle. I fitted him with a size 12 snuggler coat. It fit beautifully and it is the first coat or sweater that he either did not immediately pull off or just stand frozen as if he was just put in a body cast. He loves the coat. He wore it in the house - ate food, drank water, played with a toy and even took a nap. I cannot thank you enough. I have spent more money on other coats but he wanted no part of them. He loves your design and feels completely at ease in it. Thank you for keeping my dog warm this difficult winter.
  • Author: Kelly
    I always find it difficult to get coats that really fit my two Boston Terriers.. These snugglers are fantastic. The fit was perfect, excellent quality.. Customer service was exceptional. Definately worth the money. Thanks!!!
  • Author: Rachel
    These are the best coats I have found for my two Pit Bulls. They are soft and snuggly yet very durable. Plus my dogs get so many compliments when they are out on their walks.
  • Author: Windsong Autumn Whisper
    It's my favorite coat, and I have many coats and sweaters. Its construction allows my owner to easily slip it over my head and secure the body with the Velcro strap. Five stars
  • Author: Montie's mom
    Montie is a very small Min Pen. His coat is so cute on him and he is so warm. Before we go outside he jumps on the couch to have his coat put on. Then when we come in he fusses at me for taking it off. Thank you so much for the excellent coats.
  • Author: Deb DH PM2 Agility
    WE LOVE LOVE LOVE foggy mountain dog coats. I have some that are more than 5 years old that are still in perfect shape.
  • Author: antoinette gonzales
    I ordered a Snuggler for my mini Dachshund, Bob. Not only did my order arrive very quickly, the Dachshund cut fit perfectly! Ordering another today. Only downside...extra exposed velco across the back snagged his blanket and I found him dragging it all over the yard, still attached to his coat! So easy to get on/off.
  • Author: Jeane DeVries
    These coats DO RATE 5 STARS!!! The quality is top notch, they are hearty, substantial, and comfortable with easy on/off over the head. My dogs hate velcro around their heads and this design eliminates that problem. Order ANY Foggy Mountain Dog Coat with complete confidence. I'm ordering a new one now for my latest rescue dog.
  • Author: lnlemonlime
    My rescued 9 year old JAck Russell Terrier came with a Foggy Mountain Coat. It's the best coat I have ever seen. The fit is great, it's warm and keeps him happy on cold mornings. He's much happier now and he loves his coat so much that he is ordering a new one!
  • Author: Patti Thomas
    I bought my second snuggler for a Min Pin, he loves it. When I take it off of him he growles at me. When putting it on he jumps on the couch and sticks his head out to get it on quickly. These coats are so worth the money, they never wear out. Keep up the good work.
  • Author: Nancy Maressa
    We have lived in the snuggler for 6 years...our "girls" (toy poodle and yorkie) are warm, easier to find and the coat does not hinder their activity in any way. Worth every penny!
  • Author: Angela Kittrell
    Great quality, easy on/off very impressed. Our dog usually picks at his coats until he gets them off and then eats/chews them up. He has never picked at this one. We hike a lot and when we get back home and take it off, he is warm and toasty.
  • Author: Suzanne Shaps
    OMG, so soft! Could you make these for people, too, please???
  • Author: sheila mcdonough
    love it
  • Author: Jorge Nieves-Rodriguez
    My dog's first coat, a nylon turnout, is holding up well after 8 years of daily use during the winter; that's durability and quality! These coats are the best return of investment I have gotten, so much, I freshen up my dog's coat with anew, and got him also a snuggler type. I recommend this brand without hesitation.
  • Author: Shirley Crowley
    I am in the process of purchasing a snuggler coat and received it yesterday. The quality is superb as is the customer service with the representative "Jen". Unbeatable!! Yes, 5 stars.
  • Author: Constance
    I have at least 8 of these Snugglers, and over 12 of the horse blanket style jackets from Foggy Mountain. These are by far the BEST dog coats ever made. They last forever, and my dogs love wearing them.
  • Author: Marsha
    These are the best and most long lasting coats available. I love the snugglers because of the ease in getting them on and off. I dress five dogs to go outside and need it to be fast and simple. My original purchase was over 10 years ago. Years of washing and wearing and that coat is still like new.
  • Author: Tami
    Just received my 4th snuggler for the jacks. These are the best quality, warmest coats I have found for the New England weather. I have recommended your company to many of my friends. I still have a couple more to order then the whole pack will have their snugglers!
  • Author: [email protected]
    I write a POST as Contributor, to Lucky Style Magazine. I love FM Dog coats and my Sampie does as well. We have taken the liberty of mentioning Foggy Mountain Dog Coats, in our latest online post. Thanks for such a wonderful product, Made in the USA!!!

    Sampie's Lucky Magazine Post can be read at :
  • Author: Patty Stoica
    From the pictures it looks as though the snuggler covers up the dog's rear. I'm concerned about how the dog goes about doing his business.
    Hi Patty, The snugglers are open in the rear so the dogs can do their business. Thanks for asking!
  • Author: [email protected]
    I'm a HUGE fan of Foggy Mountain dog coats as it is the ONLY coat my extremely picky 3.5 lbs. Chihuahua will wear and actually move around in ? literally the only in over 12 years of being owned by him! So when I needed a coat for my new Mini Aussie, I knew I had to get him a Foggy Mountain Coat and found Jen and her fabulous website! He?s a little difficult to fit, so I was worried that we?d be stuck with a coat we couldn?t use ? but I was so wrong! Jen went above and beyond for us, sending us the first one I ordered using the basic measurements, then requesting pictures of him wearing it when it was too short so she could send TWO more coats to try on so we could be 100% certain we got the right fit. We found a perfect option for his petite frame. Her customer service was beyond anything I've ever experienced! A+ quality coats and A+ service!
  • Author: Kelly Morgan
    These coats are amazing! Very high quality craftsmanship and fabrics! Thank you for creating a superb product made in USA!!!
  • Author: lokesh
    this coat is awesome..
  • Author: Terri Scholtz
    I bought two snuggler coats and a raincoat and love them. I finally feel that my furry buddy is warm and protected when we walk. Order arrived so quick too.
  • Author: Nancy
    I bought a Turn Out Coat for my Great Dane and she wore it for 6 years before passing. I'm buying a Snuggler for my new Dane. The Turn Out Coat was the only coat I could find to fit my Dane's size (184 lbs). I highly recommend this product without reservation.
  • Author: Lorraine Knight
    This is the best coat that I have ever purchased for my 14lb. Shih Tzu, Romeo! The quality of workmanship is amazing!!! Perfect fit, he's the "best dressed" dog in Denver and staying very warm!!
  • Author: Lynn Williams
    I have 3 Jack Russell Terriers. I just ordered a smuggler for my year old pup (I had to see how big he would get before I ordered one for him). My other JRTs are 14.5 and 12. They have been wearing the same smugglers all their life! These coats never wear out I wash and dry them, and they are perfect. The dogs also don't mind wearing these coats. My JRTs have never been fond of dog coats, except for their Snugglers.
  • Author: Tara
    Absolutely love this coats! My dog has had both snuggler and turnout and they are by far the best coats we've had. I just wish they came in more solid colors, and had more colors with the bigger sizes (my dog wears a 24, and many of them don't go up that large.)
  • Author: Candie Britland
    I love the Snuggler coat. I have ordered at 5 different coats for my mini dachshund Tank and none have fit, always too small or too big. The Snuggler fits perfectly. I contacted Customer Service because I wanted to be sure I was ordering the correct size, a size 12 was recommended, but I was told it could be exchanged just in case it didn't fit. It arrived within a few days and it fits perfectly. It covers all of his back, right to his tail, and covers his neck completely. So easy to put on Tank, all of 30 seconds and we are out the door. The Snuggler is a quality product. I like that it can be washed to keep it clean and sanitary. I bought the blue plaid and am back to purchase another Snuggler and a Raincoat. Thanks for all of the help and the wonderful product.
  • Author: Claire Daniel
    My dogs love their coats. I have a labradoodle and a goldendoodle. The coats I bought came a bit too big but I didn't return them. Two years later, the Velcro has torn at the underside layer of the coat where it overlapped. Disappointed.
  • Author: rick levy
    I have purchased these coats before for my dogs and they are great. They keep the doggies cozy and fit well. As with any coat they do not hold up to chewing but they are the best anywhere and I am reordering.
  • Author: Richard Herrmann
    Have dog loves it.l will buy her another.