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Nylon Turnout Dog Coat

Nylon Turnout Dog Coat
Red/Black Nylon Turnout Green/Black Nylon Turnout Underside of Turnout Fleece Lining

 This functional, practical Foggy Mountain Dog Coat-originally designed for horses will keep your dog warm in the most severe weather. The Turnout coat stays put while dogs romp and play due to its unique criss-cross belly strap design. Limited colors sizes 26, 28 and 30.  Measure your standing dog from base of neck (where the shoulder blades start) to the base of tail without letting your dog drop his rear down while you measure.  Size=Back Length of Coat  Find Coats for Dachshunds under "Breed Coats" 

  • Water and wind resistant 420 nylon denier outer shell
  • Inner layer of polyfil,  lined with a soft faux sheepskin
  • Adjustable neck with hook & loop and clasp
  • Contouring around the haunches for warmth and fit
  • Criss-Cross adjustable belly straps
  • Lead clip D-ring on all coats size 16.5" and under
  • Breed specific coats available under "Breed Coats"
  • Sizes available  10.5" - 30.5" Back Length
  • Machine or hand wash cold, drip dry-No heat
  • Made in the USA
  • Scroll down for sizes, prices, colors and reviews
Coat Sizing Tips
SKU Ny10.5 Red/Bl
Select Size for Price
Color Shell/Trim
Red/Black Trim Red/Black Trim
Hunter Green/Black Trim Hunter Green/Black Trim
Hunter Green/Tan Trim Hunter Green/Tan Trim
Purple/Black Trim-Color block below Purple/Black Trim-Color block below
Royal Blue/Black Trim Royal Blue/Black Trim
Pink/Black Trim Pink/Black Trim
Black/Black Trim Black/Black Trim
Navy/Green Trim Navy/Green Trim
Slate Blue/Gray Trim Slate Blue/Gray Trim
Burgundy/Green Trim Burgundy/Green Trim
Price: $51.95

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Customer feedback

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Bruce and Buddy
    The Turnout Coat and the Snuggler that I ordered for my buddy just arrived. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!! They exceeded my expectations by a wide margin. The materials, fit and finish are each of the highest quality. I only wish I could order a matching Snuggler for myself. What a pair we would make at the park! Woof! Buddy and Bruce
  • Author: Lynn Payne
    I received my dog's new winter coat and just wanted to tell you how very pleased I was. Gret coat. Colors are good and so is the quality. Your service was also appreciated. Kudo's and keep up the good work!
  • Author: Allison Herd
    I just wanted you to know that I purchased two coats for our Boxers-they were delivered in 3 days and they are fantastic! We walk and run our dogs in all weather and we have had so far-4 people pull their car over to ask where we purchased the coats!
  • Author: Deb Daisy
    I got the dog coat today and I jsut wanted to say that I am thrilled with the purchase. It fits my Doberman beautifully and is very high quality. I will order from you again!
  • Author: Edie Dahlen
    Taji (Rhodesian Ridgeback) LOVES his new coat. He is very proud to wear it around town on our walks!
  • Author: Martha, Jack B and Andre
    I bought each of my "giant chihuahuas" a nylon turnout coat last spring and it was one of the best purchases I've ever made for them! My boys are oddly shaped and we had a hard time finding comfy coats that fit, these slip right on perfectly. They are so warm and cute and we get compliments everywhere we go! The D-ring on the back is a huge plus as well, no need for an extra harness. With it getting cold I'm so glad we have them!
  • Author: Susie Reaney
    I love my foggy mountain coat! I have had mine for 15 years (with a Jack Russell) and it is in perfect condition. We are on to a second dog now and I have no doubt it will last. I am ordering a second one today for our new little rescue. Rags to riches!
  • Author: Rose Nicotra
    I've had many people stop and ask me about my dog's nylon turnout coat - it is so beautiful and useful. I've just purchased another for my new dog - we'll certainly turn heads as we walk by now! The design is the same as I use for my horse and his coat stays in place through all of his running, bucking and playing in the field. Thank you again for this wonderfully made product.
  • Author: Christi Bone
    Thank you for the unbeatable quality of your dog coats. In the mid-1990's I bought a Foggy Mountain coat for my senior dalmatian, Polka Dot. The coat is now about twenty years old and my new dalmatian, Pixel, wears that same coat! This is truly the "energizer bunny" of dog coats that just keep going and going! Thank you again for your amazing apparel. This coat is rugged, durable, stays on, stays in place and also fits dachshunds remarkably well!
  • Author: Oran
    Could not have been more pleased with the coat and the service. Originally ordered the wrong size but Jen was more than willing to help me get the right fit. Absolutely fantastic service. Will recommend their coats to everyone.
  • Author: Kait from NJ
    I bought mine in the summer. Originally 70 on sale for 30. I thought it seemed really nice. Little did I know what an awesome deal I got. The coat it so incredibly durable, easy to use, and warm. I bought it for the family dog and now its used for the second one with out any wear or tear. I'll be taking it with me when I get my own dog!
  • Author: Matthew Kaminski
    Just received my proper sized nylon turnout. What a GREAT coat and should be warm enough for my pit mix even here in N.H. Return of wrong size item was a breeze and Jen was terrific over the phone helping to get the right fit.
    Thanks again Jen, great product and great service bar none.
  • Author: Carol
    These are the best coats I have ever found! They are attractive, very warm, and they fit my four Beagles perfectly. And, the service is fantastic!
  • Author: Robert Pugh
    We purchased a red turn out coat almost 10, yes ten years ago, it is still in great shape and the best looking and fitting dog coat on the market. We put it on our dog when ever it is around 30 degrees. Even in last years deep snow it was still dry inside when we took it off. Glad to see you are still in business. Again a great dog coat.
  • Author: Stacy McWilliams
    We purchased several of your Nylon turnout for our show dogs and are so pleased with the quality and craftsmanship. We refer you to all our puppy owners and feel your company stands behind your products, just like we stand behind our dogs.
    Undeniable coats for Undeniable dogs! A truefit!
  • Author: Kasey Corbett
    To Jen or whomever this may concern,
    I ordered this coat putting my full faith in you guys. I have a toy fox terrier who has a passion for hiking, seriously there is not another dog out there that not only enjoys it this much, but dreams about it when he/she isn't doing it:) If you know anything about toy fox terriers, you know just how big of an ego there is inside that tiny little body. Roxy has such a hard time keeping warm in the winter and we have tried just about every coat there is, nothing seems to keep her warm or actually fit her to keep her warmth in. When I put the true fit coat on her, it was magic! She instantly did a lap around the living room. I won't have to leave Roxy behind on those cold days, 1. Because it is just too hard and 2. Because of her new true fit coat! Thank you for changing that for us! Roxy is such a happier dog:)
  • Author: Elena G.
    We just purchased a green and tan nylon turnout for our shelti-toy fox terrier. It is one of the most warm and durable looking dog coats I have ever seen. The weather is just starting to get cold enough for our 20lb girl to need it (she has terrier fur)! The adjustable straps are great... Especially for our dog who is small in some places and broad in others! We are very happy with our purchase so far. I know Chelsea is going to be warm and cozy this winter! Thanks for offering such a great product!! I have been telling so many people about Truefit!
  • Author: chris Babson
    I LOVE these coats and so does my dog! Only real fit for Rat Terriers.
  • Author: Julie C
    We received this coat last week for our 55 lb Boxer/Pitbull mix. He is very lean and he's always shiviring when the temp is below 35 degrees. Living in Minnesota it's important to us to keep our dogs warm for daily winter walks.

    This coat is beautiful, functional, and it keeps our boy comfortably warm. I am very impressed with the quality of this product and I've already recommended it to many friends and family members that own dogs
  • Author: Rusty
    My mom bought me a debonair blue/black turnout coat when I was just a pup, graduating from Puppy School. I love that coat and I still look sharp in it. Many folks stop and admire it, even tho it has been laundered and laundered. Thank you!
  • Author: Debra Vickers
    The nylon turnout coat is fabulous.
    Well made and easy to put on. The quality and the colors are so nice. I wanted to say also that "Jen" really helped me with the measuring and was very patient with helping me get the right fit. I would recommend buying this product from True Fit!!!!!!!
  • Author: Jacque
    The best doggy coat! Michigan winters can chill a dog down to its bones....unless theyre wearing the Turnout coat! I bought the first one from Orvis 6 1/2 years ago for our cockapoo Godiva.It still looks new! We added to our family recently with another cockapoo, Pebbles. I was so sad to see Orvis no longer had the coat! Luckily I found your website and can now get a beautiful, warm, lovely coat for our new little girl!
  • Author: JaneMD
    Daisy, who was my best friend and companion for 14 years, wore a Foggy Mountain Coat nearly every winter of her life. It fit her perfectly, never interfered with her moving or playing, never shifted around, and she looked very pretty wearing it. I ran across it today when I was getting out the dog coats for her "replacement," Dixie, and the coat reminded me so much of Daisy that it made me sad, so I came to this website to buy one for Dixie and one for her big brother Sailor. Daisy's old coat is an endorsement of itself. It's the nicest I've ever had. I only wish I still had Daisy to wear it.
  • Author: Sami milo
    I'd like to get 2 nylon coats for my Great Danes. I'd like them to be navy with red trim. Is that possible?
  • Author: Chris Keller
    Very possibly the finest dog coat on the planet.
  • Author: Jan from Chicago
    My niece had this coat on her chihuahua for years so when I got my cavalier I didn't hesitate on my purchase. . Yes, there are a lot of choices available for less money, but you get what you pay for in quality and durability plus keeping my cav safely harnessed is priceless. This coat is warm, secure, sturdy and cute!! 4 years of Chicago winters and it's still in perfect condition. My cavalier grew longer than expected so I am treating her to a new "longer" coat this year.
  • Author: Pam from connecticut
    I recieved my coat for my rescue Penni, and was sized by me, too big...But I called and Jen was amazingly nice and the return is a breeze. I cannot wait to get the correct size and show it off in the neighborhood, and I will be purchasing for my grand dogs in colorado once I get their sizes...thanks!
    As Chris says above, possibly the best coat on the planet!!
  • Author: brett danielle
    I work at a doggy daycare and a client happened to bring her dogs foggy mountain coat in. lets just say I'm ordering my rottweilers today. beautifully made and perfect for marylands ever changing weather.
  • Author: Claire Shotts
    I received the coat yesterday and it's perfect. It is incredibly well made, the fit is exact, the quality is A+, easy to adjust straps, easy to get on and looks great! It was well worth the purchase. The customer service is excellent so this has been a wonderful shopping experience.
  • Author: Helen
    My daughter had both the nylon and plaid turnout coats for her dog. I loved the way it fit and was easy to put on. They were the best coats that i had seen. I ordered a different one earlier for my St. Bernard mix. It fit okay but it just had the belly band with velcro and it wasn't as secure. When my daughter told me the name of the coat I immediately looked online and ordered two for each of my dogs. I did get the nylon turnout coats because I was more concerned about rain and snow and keeping them dry. I like the way they are fitted around the hind quarters. I love these coats and would love to be able to afford to keep different sizes for my kennel dogs when the weather is not agreeable. I would definitely recommend these coats to everyone.
  • Author: Jon
    These coats are great! The fit is perfect. The nylon is indestructible. The clasps keep the coats on our dogs even as they rough play and wrestle.
  • Author: Joy-Helen
    1/25/14 -- Your nylon Turnout Coat for my dog is without question the best quality and workmanship. It's 3 years old now and still looking great and functioning perfectly. It's amazing how steadily complimentary remarks are made about the coat each year by people in my neighborhood. And they're always additionally impressed when I turn over the coat's back-end to show the wonderfully thick fleece lining.
  • Author: Amber Oliverio
    We purchased a plaid snuggler yesterday at the world of pets expo in Timonium. This coat is so well made and it fit our Doberman perfectly! We posted her photo sporting her new apparel on Dobie Friendzy, a doberman owner forum. So many people asked where we got her coat! Hopefully you have a few new customers coming your way :) Definitely will buy another!
  • Author: Kathryn Green
    I purchased the nylon turnout for my papillon years ago when they were featured by Orvis. This is not a lap dog, she is a farm dog/hunter who spends hours wandering around outside. The quality is super. Eight years of hard wear and it is still going strong. I have been waiting for it to wear out so I can justify purchasing another one in a fancy color, Orvis only had 3 colors when I bought this one. Doesn't look like a new coat is in my dogs immediate future, but when I do need another one, It will be a Foggy Mountain.
  • Author: Kelsey
    We bought three of these coats for our 2 westies and 1 scottie. Despite their different sizes and back lengths, the coats fit perfectly and were easily adjusted. We took our dogs to Utah for a couple weeks during the winter and these coats were excellent in the snow and winter storms. They were completely waterproof so my boys could romp in the snow without getting wet. Very hardy design and no chance of the buckles coming undone.

    I recommend these to everyone! I love them!
  • Author: Caroline
    My very active American Bulldog had one of these coats for 15 YEARS, and it has been passed down to the next dog! We currently have one for our English Bulldog and will be purchasing a third for our mastiff. There is NOTHING on the market that compares!
  • Author: Robin-Lee
    This beautiful coat got here fast and fits our PWD perfectly! Jen, can't thank you enough for your help & time! Best place to get a QUALITY dog coat & the BEST customer service!!
  • Author: StephZ
    We just received a Foggy Mountain coat hand-me-down from a friend. It is the nicest dog coat I've seen - and easy to put on and keep on a squirming pup. It's so nice that I decided to find out how to get a larger size online. The quality is so much better than "commercial" coats available locally. Great product!
  • Author: Roni Jordan
    Our miniature schnauzer Cicero has been wearing his nylon turnout coat for 13 years, not just in cold weather, but on pouring rainy days like today to keep his body dry. We love how the adjustable straps hug the coat to his body...a perfect fit every time, even if he fluctuates a pound or two seasonally. We recently bought a second coat for our new pup, Apollo, who is now slightly larger than his older brother, but we think the size 14-14-1/2 will work out fine. Going up to the size 16 would be too big. These are the only dog coats worth investing in. None of those cutesie things sold at The big box pet stores or even through Orvis or LL Bean come even close in functionality and durability. The quality and durability are worth every penny.
  • Author: Mila Dunbar
    These are the greatest quality dog coats anywhere around. The ones I've ordered before have been passed down to new dogs, and I recommend them to everyone I know. They wash beautifully and are everything they claim to be. Please post this on your website!
    Truefit Dog Coats: Thank You Mila!
  • Author: Jennifer Gibson
    I recently purchased two size 12 nylon turnout coats for my mini schnauzers. I am very pleased with this product. The materials are high quality, the construction is very good, the colors are nice, and the straps are very adjustable. My boys looks so sharp in their new coats! I'm very happy that the coats are warm and soft on the inside, but wind and water resistant on the outside. Based on the other reviews, I'm hoping these coats will last many years. If so, I will be 100% satisfied!
  • Author: Stacey
    Best fitting and best quality coat I've ever bought for my dogs.
  • Author: Dan Anderson
    I purchased one of these coat for our 1st rescue dog Toby 4 years ago and it looks like new. I've since purchased 2 more for the 2 other dogs Reba and Miranda we rescued. It keeps them warm and they can still move. Thanks, Dan
  • Author: MK
    This coat is WONDERFUL!!!!
    My tiny Sheltie looks WONDERFUL in bright pink...and she is cozy warm!
    Thank you Thank you!
    Sincerely! 💜😍💜
  • Author: Amy G.
    I do not usually write reviews but am so impressed with the quality of the nylon turnout coat I purchased for my Boxer. He goes to dogie day care and plays hard with his friends yet his coat still looks like new after several washing's and several months of wear. Many of his friends have been wearing them for years, a true test of the quality and durability they endure. Purchased the size 22 for my pup who is a medium size but not quite filled out in the chest yet, fits great! Highly recommend this brand the quality is superb!
  • Author: Deborah Kalinoski
    I had one of the initial Foggy Mountain production coats (Green, Nylon Turnout, my stripes on the side actually glow when a light shines on it.) My daughter worked for a commercial sewing machine company in Berwick PA who sold the designer her sewing machine to make these wonderful coats. She was nice enough to give her a proto type. That has been near or over 15 years. That coat has been washed.... I don't know how many times. Worn outside from October to March by one of my dogs or another and still is worn to this very day. it looks like it is almost brand new. Unbelievable! I tell everybody about the Foggy Mountain coat. I have purchased 4 additional coats for different dogs that I own over the years. They say you get what you pay for... not this time. This coat is worth twice the price they charge! You are getting a comfortable warm coat for your pet. Unbeatable quality. One last thing I'd like to mention, I have severe arthritis in both of my hands, I have no problems opening or closing the clasps.